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Find relief to harassing calls and overwhelming debt

Finally find the way out from bills that are taking over your life with debt relief solutions such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Get powerful legal defense and support you need for your divorce, adoption, child custody, and other family law issues. Your issues are important.

 * We are a debt relief attorney. We help people file bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.

Our Bankruptcy services cover these 10 counties of Ohio: Champaign, Clark, Clinton, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and  Warren.

Welcome to the law office of Albert & Krochmal Attorneys at Law

The law office of Albert & Krochmal Attorneys at Law offers assertive family law assistance and bankruptcy assistance in Dayton, OH, and the nearby areas. Since 1990, we have been dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients and ensuring the success of their cases with quality representation offered at affordable prices. Whether you need assistance with bankruptcy or divorce, we are dedicated to serving your needs.

High Quality Legal Services

Our attorneys have extensive experience in their practice areas offering high quality legal services. We understand that you are facing challenging circumstances and that is why we are here to provide you with compassionate and attentive legal services. Our goal is to facilitate your understanding of your legal rights while we work hard to provide you with the assertive representation your case can benefit from. This approach has allowed us to become one of the most well regarded law firms in the Dayton area.

Your inquiries will always be responded to in a timely manner and we will always keep you updated on the status of your case. Whether you need assistance with Chapter 13 and 7 bankruptcy, divorce, or child custody, we can help you get the results you are looking for.

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Call the law office of Albert & Krochmal Attorneys at Law to receive a free initial consultation today. We serve Troy, OH, Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas with quality legal services you can always depend on. Call us at (937) 275-7170 to schedule a free consultation today!

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